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Tomorrow Starts With Today's Vision

With EFG Hermes Leasing, Now It's Possible

EFG Hermes Leasing is a long-term partner for businesses seeking finance and value-added advisory services.

What We Offer

We offer tailored financial leasing solutions and value-added advisory services that help corporations and SMEs in Egypt meet their business goals. As a subsidiary of the region’s leading financial services corporation, we are not mere providers of funds, but long-term partners with a team of dedicated Enterprise Mentors who bring to the table deep knowledge from across a wide range of industries, geographies and disciplines.

Our clients turn to us not just for financial leasing, but also for solid advice on everything from how to deploy it to how to capture a new business opportunity.

You want to grow your business, and can't wait forever for a financing decision. That's where we come in: Financing decisions made in half the leasing industry norm

Whether you're kitting out a medical diagnostic suite, expanding your delivery fleet or adding a new line to your factory, we aim to deliver the fastest turnaround time in Egypt, understanding that growth requires flexibility and accurate, timely responses.

Here's how it works:

Identify Your Goals

Whatever your financing needs may be, we provide a wide variety of tailored leasing solutions that will help you achieve your goals, through a wide range of mechanisms that facilitate cash flow management.

Book an Appointment

Call 16904 anytime Sunday-Thursday from 09:00 am until 04:00 pm to speak with one of our Enterprise Mentors. Or fill out the form below to give us your name, email and telephone number and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Let's Meet

An Enterprise Mentor will visit you — at your office, factory or wherever is most convenient. We’ll discuss your business goals, how our leasing solutions might help, and any other advisory or structuring services that may help you deliver. Our goal is not just to meet your current business needs, but also your future requirements.

You Apply

The process is simple - we'll leave you a punch list of the documentation we need. Gather it, and then we'll digitize your application to ensure an efficient review process.

How We Decide

We call on multiple resources and deep industry experience in making any credit decision. We're also not afraid to go beyond the numbers on occasion to make a decision based on our fundamental belief that entrepreneurial character counts, whether you're an established corporation or an SME. As a subsidiary of the leading investment bank in the MENA region, we have accumulated vast experience in a wide range of sectors and are backed by EFG Hermes' cutting edge investment research to help us make timely and accurate decisions.

We'll get back to you with a clear answer - promptly.

It's that simple. We may have follow-up questions, we may not. But you'll have an answer from us significantly faster than any of our peers in the industry. That's our promise to you.

When Delivered, Get to Work

If you're approved, we purchase the leased asset(s) and - if needed - arrange delivery, insurance and post-purchase support - and you get on with business.

And that's just the beginning

We call our relationship managers Enterprise Mentors for a reason: They're industry experts who look to keep lines of communication open over the long term. We're not looking for a short-term business relationship, and instead aim to create long-term business ties so that we grow as you do. We can also introduce you to our colleagues at EFG Hermes' investment banking, securities brokerage, asset management, private equity and research divisions to see how else we could help you meet your goals - and help you plan for the long-term growth of your company.